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We at Siding Seattle, WA, can do a variety of wood siding. We have a team of professional wood siding experts who make sure every client gets the best service every time.

Siding Seattle, WA, is an expert in natural wood siding, stained cedar siding, and pine wood siding.

Cedar siding looks great when it is paired with any wood, especially when it is paired with extruded windows.

The great benefits of cedar siding include its elegant and crispy appearance that goes best with both your traditional styles, houses, and modern houses.

Our company, Siding Seattle, WA, specializes in cedar shingles, cedar tongue, and groove. Also, we provide lap siding with primed or stained grade cedar sheets.

If you want to maintain the richness of natural cedar by creating a rustic, hearth, or painting the cedar wood sheets, you can choose any paint to decide to give your exterior home siding a beautiful look.

Cedarwood siding looks best with any residential or commercial buildings or houses. Cedar has its natural beauty; that is why it is praised as a symbolic siding material choice.

Cedarwood home siding offers excellent protection to your houses, and it is resistant to the growth of molds, fungi and other insects.

It is durable because of its long-lasting strength and resilience to complications. It is resistant to moisture, and it doesn’t bend, swell, split or warp. And when you apply another layer to cedar siding, it dramatically reduces the risks of termite infections and growth.

Another great benefit of cedar siding is that it acts as an excellent insulator. By locking the warm air inside your building during winter and cooling the air inside your building in summer, it will make your home environment most comfortable and conveniently the whole year.

Because of its insulation factor, cedar siding is considered the most environmentally friendly type of home exterior siding. And, when the life cycle of your cedar siding completes, it will 100% biodegrade.

Cedar siding by Siding Seattle, WA, is the most elegant and timeless siding. Our experts are ready 24/7 to discuss your choices in siding.


Cedar Wood Siding Installation Seattle, WA

You can install cedar siding all at once or either in layers. Whatever siding option you choose, our expert will give you the best service.

Our team of experts at Siding Seattle, WA, will check the cedar wood before using it for the installation project.


Single Course Cedar Siding

Installing cedar shakes is like installing shingles. The traditional method of installing cedar shakes is called single course siding. This is done by layers the cedar shakes one after another to make it look like scales.

Nails are used for securing the cedar shakes and they are spaced accordingly to cover the preceding lines one after another.


Double Course Cedar Siding

This is another method used for cedar siding. This makes an under course of shingles placed on the top of the preceding line of shingles.

Double course siding produces a more defined and elegant wood siding then single wood siding.

Our team at Siding Seattle, WA is an expert in both types of cedar siding and will give you the best service. Contact our customer care for assistance.