Fiber Cement Siding in Seattle

Siding Seattle, WA

Fiber Cement Siding Seattle, WA

As the owner of the house, you have to stand firmly with our team of experts. We at Siding Seattle, WA, have dozens of siding installation specialists who have experience of providing quality services to our clients.

You can use fiber cement siding when you want to give a classic touch to your home exterior walls. This Siding looks elegant, it’s durable with a lifetime guarantee.

Fiber cement siding is the most popular siding materials for the Siding of exterior home walls of both residential and commercial buildings.

The fiberglass cement siding is a mixture of Portland cement, wood fiber, and glass. Once this fiber cement siding is painted, it looks almost like wood.

At Siding Seattle, WA, you can choose from a variety of styles and designs of fiberglass cement siding. The crispy joints and detailing on your exterior home siding will stand out after a touch of fiberglass siding. Also, this detailing not only looks elegant, but it is also insect resistant and fire-resistant.

Fiber cement siding looks like overlapping horizontal boards. Fiber cement is also manufactured in the form of sheets, and it can also be used for cladding purposes. You can also use fiber cement to replace timber fascias in areas prone to fires.

Installation of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is a heavy product, and it requires an experienced team of professionals for installation purposes. The fiber cement is a fragile product before installation, and it needs to be handled with care; it breakdowns if mishandled. You can trust our expert installers; they will provide you the best services without any Hussle.

Cutting fiber cement siding sheets:

  • The sheets of fiber can be scored with a sharp cutting blade and broken down into small sheets.
  • Siding Seattle, WA experts will use a hand or electro power fiber cutting.
  • Our experts will use a mechanical saw with a diamond blade to cut the thick sheets of fiber for making small Siding sheets.

Our experts will do the painting before or after completing the project if you want to paint the fiber cement siding. Our experts will use weather-resistant paint in areas that are exposed.

After fixing the product and covering it with timber boards, our team will paint the entire wall.

The durability of Fiber Cement Siding

The fiber cement siding requires much less maintenance than any other siding material. The thick material has excellent resistance against weather, fire, and moisture. Also, this product is insect resistant.

Fire Resistance of Fiber Cement Siding

The fiber cement siding material is noncombustible and fire-resistant. You can use this material in areas that are prone to bushfire.

Power Saver Fiber Cement Siding

One best benefit of fiber cement siding is, it will cut down the heating and cooling system billings.

You can save a high amount by installing fiber cement siding at your home exterior walls.

Our experts are ready to provide you the best and satisfactory services, call Siding Seattle, WA, for a fast and quality service.